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Dirt Bike Keepsake Cremation Urn – Engravable

Our Dirt Bike keepsake urn provides an elegant and meaningful memorial for your loved one. The keepsake is dark grey in color and is both sleek and rich looking. On the front side of the urn is dirt bike artwork. Below this artwork we offer optional engraving, usually of your loved ones name or nickname. On the back side the of the urn you may choose from our poem options to add an extra sentiment. Made of genuine solid brass, this keepsake Classic Brass urn is designed to hold only a portion of your loved one’s cremains. It is the perfect size to use as a sharing urn, or as a special memorial to hold a small amount of soil from the graveside, dried funeral flowers, or a lock of hair. This small brass urn has a dark gray finish that allows the engraving to stand out beautifully in contrast. The top of the urn can be removed so that cremains or other keepsakes can be placed inside. The threaded lid secures tightly to keep the contents safe. This solid brass urn is also available in a number of larger sizes including a large size with matching artwork. Optional Engraving Personalize your keepsake urn with optional engraving. This small brass urn can hold up to 1 line of text with 12 characters and there are several different fonts to choose from. The engraving can be added on the front and a poem on the back of the urn. Why Choose Engraving? We strongly recommend that all urns include custom engraving to help to permanently identify the urn. This personalization makes your keepsake brass urn unique for your loved one. If you choose to have the urn buried or placed in a columbarium, many cemeteries require that the urn include direct engraving for identification purposes. In the rare event that the urn is misplaced, the engraving can help return the memorial to its proper location.