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Ebony Petra Marble Cremation Urn for Pets Black, Urns for Ashes

Elegantly crafted black cremation urn for pets hand made from all natural marble with a pointed lid. Pet cremation urns made from natural marble will vary in color and pattern. Bag for ashes and adhesive to secure the lid are included. Engraving available. Capacity: Ideal for a pet that weighed up to 116 lbs. Dimensions: 10. 5″H x 4. 5″W. Material: Ebony marble. Constellations of stars map our night sky to make sense of the passing of time, of life itself, of what lies beyond our reach. With all of the bright stars in the night sky, the Dog Star shines the brightest, a fitting tribute to the love that shines from these passionate animals, these companions in life. When their brightness fades, stone pet urns offer a natural resting spot for pet ashes, a focal point for remembering all of the barks of excitement and simple joy that filled their days. The pattern of each ebony marble pet urn is as unique as each star within the galaxy, each animal loved and held dear inside the Ebony Petra Marble Cremation Urn for Pets.