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Radiance Pet Cremation Urn – Medium Brown, Urns for Ashes

Medium sized pet cremation urn with a hand engraved design etched onto a black lacquer. The black lacquer is etched off by hand by skilled artisans in northern India, to reveal the beautiful bronze underneath. Appearance of a soft texture is created with carefully placed hand detailing. Features a threaded lid for a secure closure. Capacity: up to 70 cubic inches. Ideal for pets weighing a maximum of 70 lbs. Dimensions: 6. 8″H x 4. 1″W. Materials: Bronze, lacquer. This radiant cremation urn offers family and friends a vibrant and illuminating memorial for their beloved pet. Each of these products are carefully shaped and cast in a strong bronze metal. The threaded lid prevents the need for an adhesive to seal the urn and the metal forms are coated in a thick layer of black lacquer. Lacquer paint dries when the solvent has evaporated and can soften over time. Once the lacquer has softened and dried, each urn for pet ashes is given to a skilled artisan in northern India who hand etches it with intricate designs. The process of allowing knowledgeable artisans to complete the designs creates slight variations and unique flair in this pet urn. The lacquer is removed, revealing a dazzling, symmetrical golden pattern. The pattern includes smooth banding and floral motifs in leaves and petals that allows the eye to wander around. On display in a home or stored peacefully in a niche, this urn for pet ashesis guaranteed to be a wonderful resting place for your loved one.