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Rose Leaves EcoUrn Biodegradable Pet Cremation Urn – Small

Hand-Crafted Quality Biodegradable Urn – Scattering Urn Fabricated by hand from recycled and earth-friendly materials Biodegrades naturally in water Engineered to float for approximately five minutes before descending gracefully TSA-compliant for “in-cabin” airline transportation This Rose Leaves EcoUrn biodegradable cremation urn is made of handmade biodegradable material. These urns are suitable for ground burial or displaying in your home. Due to the nature of this handmade product, color and pattern may slightly vary. The EnvironmentEarthurns are manufactured with the environment in mind. The tree bark used to make the urn is harvested from the mulberry tree in such a way that the tree continues to grow, undamaged. This sustainable process is centuries old and ensures the preservation of ancient forests. Once the bark of the tree is harvested, it is soaked until soft and then laid out on to bamboo screens where floral materials are inlaid by hand. The screens are then placed in the sun to dry. The resulting material is used to make beautiful and environmentally-friendly urns. Biodegradable Water BurialThe Journey Earthurn is perfect for water burial. Once on the ocean floor it will break down naturally.Biodegradable Ground BurialJourney Earthurns are fabricated by hand from recycled and eco-friendly paper which breaks down naturally” when buried. They are durable, with no “shelf life” and will NOT begin to biodegrade until they are buried in the ground. Each Earthurn included a biodegradable plastic bag.ScatteringJourney Earthurns are perfect for scattering. They open easily to facilitate the scattering process. Families that plan on purchasing a Journey Earthurn for scattering over water should be advised to remove the biodegradable bag with the cremated remains from the urn and place only the bag in the water. The bag will dissolve, dispersing the cremated remains, and the Earthurn can be kept for the storage of personal mementos. Each urn is handmade and may