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Violet Speckle Large Cremation Urn

As an elegant and classic design, our Violet Speckle Large Cremation Urn is a timeless memorial to honor the life your loved one lived. Crafted from solid aluminum, this urn is durable to withstand the test of time. The urn has a shiny, vibrant purple finish with silver accents.  This large urn has a capacity of 200 cubic inches making it suitable to hold the cremains of a loved one that had a healthy weight of 200 lbs or less. Sometimes, there will be extra space inside the urn that some choose to fill with special mementos like jewelry, letters or other trinkets.  To fill the urn, the threaded lid is removed from the urn and ashes placed inside. The ashes should always remain inside of the secure plastic bag they were provided to you in. Many choose to add another layer of protection and put the bag inside of a velvet bag before placing it inside the urn vessel. We offer several colored velvet bags to fit the needs and desired style. Some choose to carefully add small beads of adhesive to the threaded lid once the urn is filled for extra security, adhesive not included.  Depending on the way you choose to store the urn, you may require a burial container or desire an outside the urn velvet bag. If you plan to bury this urn, it is highly recommended (and sometimes required by the cemetery) to place the urn inside of a burial container. The Crowne Vault Burial containers offered are made from lightweight polystyrene. They’re designed to withstand 4,300 pounds of top load pressure on a single vault to prevent damage to the urn or any other keepsakes from being damaged when buried. The container has a wide lip allowing the vault to be carried easily. We provide adhesive to seal the vault shut once filled for a watertight seal. Or if you plan to display the urn in your home, some choose an out the urn bag to protect the urn from scratches or dust. Add Optional Eternal Embrace Pendant Although this urn is not available for direct engraving, we offer a special engrave