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Biodegradable Pet Earth Urn – Mini Brown, Urns for Ashes

Heart shaped biodegradable pet urn made from mulberry tree bark with a wood-grain styled finish. Non-toxic. The modest texture and appearance of wood allows for a memorable burial ceremony for your beloved pet. These urns will not biodegrade ifstored in a cool, dry location, away from the sunlight, until it is ready for burial. Capacity: Ideal for a pet that weighed a maximum of 30 lbs. Dimensions:3. 25″H x 4. 75″L x 4. 25″W. Materials: Mulberry tree bark. Patience and wisdom: two gifts shared and demonstrated between pet owner and pet. Perhaps the owner was patient while the pet grew from pup to dog and learned not to chew on shoes in the closet. And, the pet was wise to the owner’s emotions, providing a belly to rub when their owner was sad. But it becomes so much more than just owner and pet “ it becomes family, love, trust, a beautiful, reciprocal relationship that continues on after this beloved member of the family has passed. The Biodegradable Pet Earth Urn “ Mini is a simple eco urn made with mulberry tree bark, which symbolizes both patience and wisdom. The heart shape of the burial urn for pets is a testament to the unconditional love shared and never forgotten.