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Small Basketball Player Cremation Urn – Engravable

Small Basketball Player Cremation Urn The small basketball player is a small urn designed with immense detail. On top of the urns base sets a highly-detailed figure of two men playing basketball. One of the men is on his way to a slam dunk while the other is blocking his path. Each player is wearing basketball shorts, a numbered jersey and basketball shoes. From their facial expressions to the texture of the basketball, there were no details left out. The urn is made from a molded cast composite material and is hand-painted. This urn is designed to hold the cremains inside the rectangular base. The capacity of the urn an hold the ashes of a loved one who had a healthy weight of 50 lbs or less prior to passing. It is not a problem to have more room leftover in the urn, avoiding too little space is key. This urn is oftentimes used as a sharing urn that allows several family members to hold on to a portion of a loved ones ashes, creating a personal memorial for everyone. On the bottom side of the urn there is a removable panel that is secured with an easy-to-use d-ring screw. Around the panel is a rubber gasket to keep an air-tight seal for protection. Do note, it is never recommended to pour ashes into the urn rather they should be kept inside the plastic bag they’re provided to you in to prevent any accidents.  This urn makes a great work of art to display in your home. However, if the plan for this urn is to be buried, it is important to consider a burial containers. Burial containers will protect the urn from damage when buried as it is not meant to carry the weight of burial on its own. Optional Engraved Plaque We find it very important to add custom engraving to each of our cremation urns. Not only does this complete the overall look of the urn, but, it really honors your loved one’s legacy as they deserve. You may choose to add up to 4 lines of engraving with 65 characters on each line. This text could include their name, their birth date, passing date as wel